• Fox with bunny

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    gotta say, of the two, i do prefer this one. skunks aren't bad but i like hearin' her talk dirty with that sexy british accent. be even better if they were dogs.

    dogbitch86, posted

    Pretty hot.

    LWJII, posted

    A very good one.

    xelaono, posted

    if this was done in america i give super props this is some amazing animation for an american to do useually its the japs that do the really amazing cartoons but damn this was good

    shadowmarka, posted

    18 year old fox lookin for a rabbit in VA to fuck

    setodude258, posted

    lol keep fucking that horny rabbit hahaha

    herman14, posted


    tibusexx, posted

    this was good drawn and hot too

    inuyasha86, posted

    the fox is tails from sonic

    bassman42, posted

    Loved it!!!!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    hi there nice. vidoes of you anyhow.. i love that .. and actually i have german pit bull, k9 and snake. and i love fucking with them. and im sorry that i didnt .. exposed anything on here due to my public safety if u want to see my vidoes and see my pets fucking on it.. just hit me in my yawhow messenger leahhotdizon at yawhow that come and msn: leahhotdizon at hot mail that come

    maria123, posted


    say1234, posted

    best ever

    dogpussy123, posted

    lol! It's british! XD

    Kashito91, posted

    ahhh, i love rabbits.... she is soooo hot

    2pairshigh, posted


    yjh1188, posted

    sexy fox

    uacv333, posted

    love dah furries keep it comin ;3

    mahdaddah, posted

    Niceeeee movie! I'm a furry too. Very great movie to the one who made it.

    ZiegeTheGoat, posted

    That was cute ;3 hit me up soemtime,names Kestrain Eternity KitsuneClawtooth@hotmail.com :D

    dogfuckingbitch, posted

    god this movie is AWSOME ^^ 100th time ive watched it

    Haha9, posted


    Yiffs, posted

    The sound effects are fantastic, I love the breaking of the third wall with the furry talking directly to you as if you were actually there. zoosexuals have a deep caring love for the four legged animal that they have sex with bestiality ,is sex that is casual,but still done with knowledge and a regard for the one they are having sex with.An example of this kind of sex is a festival in south america called sex with donkeys. No donkey or human is hurt. This is an introduction to sex for the ones experiencing sexual awareness.This is their first experience before encountering a sexual partner of their own species.

    kobidobidog, posted

    My furry s3elf fap,fap,fapped to this! I got wet, but so what. I am also known as Artie the white arctic fox.

    kobidobidog, posted

    this made me squirt soooo bad haha jk but it made me wet

    YEA11, posted

    I don't think yiff is catagorized under bestiality... I like it anyway though ;]

    zomglolol, posted

    Thanks lovely cartoon, 5+*

    doggiegal, posted

    Helps to read, Heather. ^^

    helmke2, posted

    Furgeta's characters. Terry is the fox (always such a lucky foxie!), but I don't remember the bunny's name.

    helmke2, posted

    That was Awsome.

    CaliHydro44, posted

    rawr.. yes deh furrys and there pron, enjoyable for all :P

    white090, posted

    I love this!We need more bunny action here!

    wetbabybunny, posted

    awesome post

    anothernewguy, posted

    very very good

    firefly, posted

    Love it. More of these cartoons.

    shadow, posted

    I liked it too...It was cute...

    notnice1947, posted

    ok I love cartoons

    parsiNO, posted

    love cartoons like this. keep them coming please!!!!!!

    drlord, posted

    I like it, very nice.

    shotasclub, posted

    Yep I gotta agree keep them coming please.

    bomar, posted

    lovely cartoon, 5+

    tine05, posted

    YAY! furries! we need a full blown animation studio dedicated to this.

    mrrule35, posted

    this is awsome. love cartoons like this. keep them coming please.

    viewer2293, posted


    koobikitsune, posted

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    i like it its make me cum the furi taht my fantasme hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!hot!

    fucker19, posted

    i really liked the movie i thought that it was well done and very erotic,i will share it with my girlfriend.for those of us who like animation its great to see some real good animated sex.wow for the imagination.if animals can talk and fight blow things up in good old animated movies hot passionate sex to include foreplay and good dirty talk as to how she liked it is great and leaves nothing to the imagination,or maybe better yet wake up the imagination for those of us who like things thats a little out of the norm.

    glenn73ford, posted

    this animation is well drawn and the charicteristics of both chariters were noticeable. the forplay at the begining was a good additiona nd during the fucking it self i notcied that the foxes hands didnt move with the rocking of the bunnys body. all in all a vewry good animation tho the second fuck sceen at the end could have been a bit longer with the final cumming inside her. the amount of jizz the fox came was nice and the face that she squirted at the orgasm made it even better. as i said befor a bit more of the ending would be nice... a good movie imma give it a 7/10.

    ragon146, posted
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