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    3d Dog/Dog


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    Uploaded by aggresive · Rating: 4.3 (169 votes) · 16849 views


    classic .. saw this many times - still gets me horny as hell

    hot_nick20, posted

    Tits are too big for someone so thin. :/ Why must people ALWAYS make them so excessively huge?

    Sorrik, posted

    This was good, even for a guy like me who doesn't like 3D yiff.

    UnWorthyWatcher, posted

    Suche Pferdebesitzer aus Bayern. Habe schon ein paar Erfahrungen mit Pferden will aber unbedingt mehr lernen. Skype: poati.dream7 oder e-mail: BeastPuti@web.de ONLY ADD ME WHEN YOU ARE BAVARIA / Bitte nur hinzuf├╝gen wenn ihr aus Bayern seit!

    GeileStutex3, posted

    Waste of time. :(

    puto_br, posted


    ShadeTehWolf, posted

    It's not that bad of a video, but I feel compelled to say it really dosn't belong on this site.

    DeRammer85, posted

    i think her stomach should swell with the amount of cum there is. But u found this rather hot, i pawed to this like three times.

    ceret147, posted

    I am looking to give some fantastic blow-jobs to well-hung dogs and horses in the Mid-Canada area, for the first time. Also seriously considering "losing my virginity" to a good pet! Please contact me asap!

    1seximama, posted

    the boobs on her were way to big but outher then that THIS WAS SO FUCKING HOT THAT I HAD TO PAW BAD SO REALY BAD after watching it omg FUCKING WOW it was great in ever way

    inuyasha86, posted


    RextheHW, posted

    OMFG this is so fucken hot

    coryhogan, posted

    really lame

    xbgold, posted

    BeastyFriends how many animal have you jerk off !!

    happywyvern, posted

    I love this vid so much. Hey are you new at beastiality and dont know where to start. I can help I can give you hints tips and tricks. Just send me an email at beastyfriends@gmail.com

    BeastyFriends, posted

    very hot. anyone know where i could download this?

    chromedarkfire, posted

    This is orginally an animated called "baddog"

    dogfuckingbitch, posted

    Needs to be more of this around.. very H0T!

    housepet, posted

    friggin hot

    navarone, posted

    this is a very very very very funny cartoon but also very hot. an anthro girl is just reading her book when along comes her boyfriend who is a regular dog. at first she isnt interested but he starts eating out her pussy and that changes her mind. as the is moaning the dogs prick grows to HUGE proportions and she then moves into position for him to mount and fuck her. they are going at it like bunnnys ;) whe his not keeps him out she shakes her head in protest but that doesnt stop him and he then forces his cartoon knot into her pussy and he starts cumming. its nine when they turn ass to ass and its nine forty eight when they seperate the dog then brings her her book and his cum runs out of her pussy

    fluddfu, posted
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