• Gushing Horse Cum

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    Mmmmm so much cum fuck me next u sexy stallion i want all that wonderful cum and cock deep in my ass mmmmmm please stallion fuck me i beg u!!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    actually, mason, it doesn't. when the stallion feels urine rush by his penis, it turns him off, and he withdraws. It's a clever move used by mares with colts to prevent inbreeding

    2millionhits, posted

    mmmmmmm i wish i could have it

    ilovedogs24, posted

    it might turn him on but that`s still cum

    waffa, posted

    Actually its not cum. It turns a stallion on as a mare trys to pee while the stallion is inside them. So her pee flooded out. That was not cum.

    MasonRaines, posted

    I would love to have that much cum in my pussy.. mmm i just love feeling it inside of me..

    niobestarr, posted

    wish i was the mare

    strife345, posted

    Wish I could have been the stallion flooding her pussy with all my hot sperm. She obviously felt really good to make that big of a load squirt inside her.

    marelover78, posted

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