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    Squirting Gsd


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    A German Sheppard sprays his spunk all over the floor.

    Uploaded by sdpbl · Rating: 4.2 (94 votes) · 15784 views


    This video is from 2001, I bet that the dog is dead by now...

    lgerbick, posted

    im 19 male looking for female with webcam or male with webcam and does beasty

    reaper93, posted

    mmmm richtig geil genau zu blasen...

    master_20, posted

    komplette verschwendung das leckere sperma :( extrem heißer penis. schön viel sperma..... da wüßte ich besseres wie diesen heißen, wohlschmeckenden saft so zu verschwenden.

    dejavu74, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, I would love to eat him or let him breed me.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    such a waste of beautifull doggy cum

    littlesapphire, posted

    i have a jack russle and im 16 male could i let him knot with me or would that be a bad idea and could i get anal from him

    lovemeloveu, posted

    God i would love that in my ass pm me i it could happen in england

    Leonj111, posted

    welch verschwendung ;(

    nadinecosmo, posted

    any one in indian wannahit me up for some hot dog funn

    sexybeast24, posted

    hot dog cock,lots of cum

    eroticbeast, posted

    I would love that in my ass!

    werewolffuck, posted

    i would love to have that cock in my mouth

    ilovedogs24, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstwon nj message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    Fuck! I wish I could have sucked that dog cock, so much cum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Anyone in North London got a dog that needs draining?

    keristal1, posted

    You can't assume the dog didn't enjoy it, just 'cause he was jerking around. Have you ever watched two dogs mate before? A lot of males jerk around the whole time their trying to get tied. Usually once the knot is fully enlarged they settle down. I think for some male dogs, the squirming is a reaction to the orgasm and it helps them get harder faster. My male husky does the same thing when I'm getting him off, but I know he likes it, because if I let go he comes right back to me and grabs my arm hard with his paw trying to get me to jerk him off again. Every dog is different, but what male doesn't like getting jerked off?

    tundra98, posted


    THEKNOT1, posted

    Hey everyone! I'm a girl who LOVES to watch animals have sex like this! You should add my yahoo messenger and MSN! freak_drink@yahoo.com or dr.rhein_feelbad@hotmail.com Hope to talk to some animal lovers soon!

    dirtyanimalperv, posted

    I dont if the dog enjoyed that when he was being jerked cuz he kept moving around alot as if to get away :(

    Kbottom9, posted

    mmm i want that nice dog cock

    derhundin, posted

    The cum is not meant to be wasted, it should be used somehow!

    markul78, posted

    what a waste of dog cum he should have sucked it i would have and taken all of it and sucked him of with the dog ha ha !!!!!!!

    budgieboy, posted

    Whatta waste of all that cum!

    markul78, posted

    If there were such a thing as a dog porn star this dog would be at the top of the list. This dog's cock gets so huge and swollen and then as his master strokes this dog's cock it is amazing how much cum the dog shoots!! It's like a fountain that just keeps spurting cum. The cum keeps coming and coming as the man squeezes the dog's thick hard cock-- the guy gets really great close ups of the dog spurting it's sperm. It really is very hot and amazing how much cum this dog has!! VERY HOT VIDEO

    hawaiitravel, posted

    This video starts off with a man pleasing a medium sized dog with his hand. The dog appears to be enjoying the hand relief the man is giving him by the look of dogs movements. He squirms and moves around while the dog starts to cum. The man zooms the camera in for a closer look at the dogs juicy cock while it continues to shoot cum everywhere. You can tell the dog has a big load by the length of the video. The dog squirting all over the floor is good and Overall quality is good, camera work is alright. The two seem comfortable with each other.

    forcinator, posted
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