• A man collectin semen from a stallion using the so called crump method

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    I would drink that lovely stallion spooge.. YUMM!!!

    horsedoktor, posted

    this dick is just beautiful

    GP1995, posted

    seems like the stallion resisted a bit... then when he was stroked just right, he enjoyed it very much. Sin, all that cum was coleected in a baggy... I am sure there must have been a recieptiant MORE THAN WILLING TO SUCK HIM DRY....

    freerasta, posted

    Mmmmmm does a straw come with that milkshake lol

    upyours123, posted

    i can think of a better way of collecting his semen lol

    kellynone, posted

    i want to buy that bag, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! oh, and a straw!

    cob, posted

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