• Stallion cum

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    Mmmm instead of those cups I wish I could just lay there with my mouth open to 'collect the sample' for testing. Hehe. Gulp. Yep it was good. :)

    TailholeSniffer, posted

    Why did they turn the cam away during the shoot?

    randidan, posted

    hey can i have that horse?

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Translation: "The height of the artificial mare and the size and temperature of the patented vagina are fully configurable for each stallion. The cum collection cups work like a scale - After a set amount of weight the cup changes when the part with the most semen without any bacteria can be separated from the rest."

    Asstofacefan, posted


    waffa, posted

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    This is an unusual video of a stallion semen collection, in that we get to watch the semen as it's ejaculated into a clear container, spurt for spurt; typically the ejaculation is into an opaque artificial vagina collector. The stallion has a nice large cock, and mounts an artifical vagina for a semen collection. He is obviously an experienced stud, as he has no difficulty with entry. After several thrusts of his massive cock, we zoom in on the semen collection mechanism just in time to see the stallion's massive load of cum fill up the chambers in several massive spurts. Note his front hoofs tense up in ecstasy as he is cumming, very sexy. The volume of ejaculate is so large that it spills into the overflow collection bin, what a load! A must-see for any horse cum junkie.

    jibeast, posted
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