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    Mare Poo


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    Mare pooping

    Uploaded by MisterButters · Rating: 4.0 (75 votes) · 21885 views


    hey can u send me mor vids my email is thewhorsehole@gmail.com, also my facebook is gabe carrier and my utub iz thehorsehole!!

    thehorsehole, posted

    oh my god ,i would lick that clean after I swallowed every bit of it

    mg2396, posted

    Also, What is the symbol on the top right? I want to know so I can find more vids by this guy.

    dn19, posted

    Watching horse poo is fun, even kinda hot. But when you guys start wanting to touch it and eat it an' shit, it just gets weird...>_>

    dn19, posted

    yes feed me please........

    trains, posted

    Mmmmm yes tied up right below that ass shitting in my face

    sissymikee, posted

    i love the part when the horse farted before it took a nice long shit. the hissing of the fart was sexy and hot as hell. horses are very gassy animals and i love it. i love their donut holes.

    macholibre1979, posted

    i love how the person blow claims he's eatin shit, yet i've never sean any video proof of someone doing it...lol

    this1, posted

    my grandpa had me eat horse and dog shit when i was 10 yrs old. then my grandma, mom, dad, sister used me for that too. i became the family toilet. lol. it's true. want to chat? blylvr10@gmail.com have yahoo also.

    blylvr, posted

    love the way it opens up and pushes all that shit out

    xbgold, posted


    ANHERO, posted

    shittin horse is the sexiest thing ever... would love eat it all up

    Fallen_Angel, posted

    nice ;)

    horsesareyummy, posted

    Watching a mare poo is almost better than having sex. I've been fascinated with watching horses poop since I was a little kid.

    strawbale, posted

    what a hot gorgeous asshole. fuck that would be some awesome eating.

    dogwalker, posted

    i would lick her anus and eat all gifts she would gave .so tasty

    anuslicker, posted

    This one starts with a mare walking around in a stall, when it releases a quick loud fart, then exhausts some gas for about 5 seconds. The video then cuts right into the mare pooping, from a somewhat side view. A small, wet piece of shit excretes out, and is followed by a few very small turds actually shot out by the horse! After it puckers, it cuts to another shot. This time you get a perfect ass shot, giving you the great perspective of how big it's ass is compared to it's head! As it's anus opens up perfectly, it cuts to another shot of the mare before you even get to see it poop! This is very disappointing and makes you mad, but doesn't effect the overall quality. This last cut has another perfect ass shot, and the mare lets loose a few smalls turds while it's rectum gets pushed out a little!! Once it's finished the small excretion, it's slightly prolapsed rectum rolls itself shut slowly, as the mare relaxes its genetalia! For the last few seconds, you get a good view of her nice, round cheeks!

    thehorsehole, posted
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