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    Watching Horse Cock Work


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    The video begins with a normal horse sheath, and ends with a long beautiful horse cock flexing and itching to be used. Solo.

    Uploaded by DemitriK · Rating: 4.3 (107 votes) · 69043 views


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    hornyasscock, posted

    SOO big :)

    horse_cock_fan, posted

    I CAME!!! Lol

    dragonbone79, posted

    this was good, real good

    119jay09, posted

    it"s great

    tacanka, posted

    I love watching horse cocks just grow and grow :D

    DogNHorseLover, posted

    love watching horses masturbate

    xbgold, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    YUM!!!!! I wouldnt bejust standing there looking at it!!! I would be on that big boy and be putting it in my wet horny pussy!!!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    oh how bad i want to grab that wish I had a stallion

    korthos89471, posted

    I want it in me and I want it's juice in me.

    grantbeuning, posted

    I wouldn't have made it that long with out sucking that cock dry.

    Gotcum, posted

    I would love to touch it for him...

    bettym, posted

    its not good . and trouble in watching

    ravivani26, posted

    That makes me hard. To see the cock from soft to hard. wow. And the nice balls. Would be great to touch the soft cock and to lick it, to see how it grows and then to blow him....

    Xandir, posted

    He's just like.. "Go on... touch it."

    SnoFox5, posted

    Wasn't There A website Whee You could Download this Video? If Anyone Knows Please Let Me Know

    c.skrep, posted

    very beautiful

    k9shelly, posted

    Skinte mne ! Plizz! gidroyd@mail.ru

    vbhevbh, posted
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