• 2 donkeys gays

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    god i would give anything too be the stallion anyone in pennsylvania have a stallion that they would let fuck me if so please message me i want too be fucked so bad.....

    horselover192, posted

    Can someone tell me where the full video is?

    dragon87, posted

    I just came everywhere! I love this!

    windmill, posted

    I want to see a man standing between them....and another on his knees sucking

    globule2, posted

    While growing up on the farm, my neighbor had a male donkey that I used to love going over and having him mount my ass and fuck me good and I loved getting his huge load of cum filling my ass. He would make me cum every time, feeling his huge cock sliding against my prostate and I because addicted to it. I now understand why another male donkey will let another donkey fuck his ass because once he has had that cock up in him and he shoots his load, like I do, I am sure he gets hooked on it as much as I have. Of course he wouldn't resist that huge cock going in his ass, the feeling is hard to describe and I deffinately relate to how he loves being fucked. I am and have been looking for a while for another mail donly to continue the thrill I had as a teenager. That donkey would start getting hard only when he saw me going to the barn and I know he was well aware that I was his bitch and it always got me excited when I would see his huge cock growing knowing that he was ready to give me another aweslome fucking.

    sidhorny, posted

    its pretty obvius that the bottom donkey DIDN'T cum that was the tops dick. if it really was the bottom who came. I tell you that donkey would be fucked up for having balls over his penis...

    shrapnelman88, posted

    Damn this is hot he cums as his ass is being blasted. I would like to see more like this.

    doggydoodles10, posted

    damnnn donkeys just love it in their tight holes!!!!

    justmexo, posted

    Damn...how can i download this ?

    blk_hummer, posted

    The donkey cum as he was being fucked, so hot.

    LWJII, posted

    I wish I could join them for a threesome and suck all the two cock at the same time!

    papaluigi, posted

    I was lucky to find a much longer version of this vid and you can actually see the "top" donkey penetrate the other's ass all the way! The top donkey gets super turned on and chases the other around the barn till he gaves him and let him fuck him in the ass...It's very hot to see the submissive donkey take the saugage all the way in. Nature (and yes, this is is natural as there is no donkey "gay for pay" shit) is a wonderful thing!

    Hardharv, posted

    they r truely gay animals!!!!!!!!! so they do exist !!!!

    osayo, posted

    just proves male animals love sex with other males as well as other females too. makes me wonder if they get into the whole domonation/submissive homosexual thing? I really believe they do. i also think they know that they have big dicks too and like to use them as well!!

    osayo, posted

    i fucking love this shit!

    ileikthecock, posted

    auch ein sehr guter film =)

    master_20, posted

    this vid realy makes me cum <3

    TH3RON, posted

    nice gay

    KNT, posted

    Can someone tell me if there's a way to download these? <.<;

    stallionluv69, posted

    i want to suck that horny donkeys hard cock

    cowpussy14, posted

    great cum shot

    xbgold, posted

    good video

    lelusitanien, posted

    sta reci? nesto najbolje sto sam video u zivotu! gledam video po sto puta i tvrd mi je kao kamen. na ovaj video sam prolio sperme i sperme|!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    ¿El burro es gay realmente o se lo folla por equivocación?

    Cofago, posted

    what a waste of cum.

    Gotcum, posted

    wow, this is one of my favorite vids of all time. the sounds alone are almost enough to get me off.

    DunklerFuchs, posted


    foxfreak, posted

    awwwww so hot

    hornyboi666, posted

    The other donkey was a male donkey too?It looked like he was enjoying anal sex. I agree the sounds were interesting.

    kobidobidog, posted

    Wow, those were some interesting sounds lol

    ShadowOfFear, posted

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    This video was so hot. First, you see the donkey on top try to get his dick into the other donkey's ass but not succeeding. Then it shows the donkey fucking the other donkey's balls. It also shows a cumshot. After, one donkey watches the other's dick shrink back as it drips cum everywhere. The noises were great. I love hearing that "squish, squirt" noise. It's so sexy. I would like it more if it was longer and there was actual penetration. I guess it's the best you can get for free. I wish there was more videos on her of things like this. I give it a nine out of ten.

    decemberborn, posted

    Great video showing this hot action between the two donkeys. The camera man kept the camera relatively stable to provide a good view. The cumshot at the end was great! It left me asking for more. If only i could take part in this.This video will make you want to watch more because you just can get enough! Too bad the donkey didn't penetrate the other one, would've been hot. After watching this video you'll be cumming fast, that's for sure! I wish there were more videos like this as it was pretty hot! Overall a good video, i just wish it'd last longer.

    asdfadasd, posted

    a nice video showing that gay animals doo exist. in this case it is donkeys. it starts off showing one of the donkies on top of the other, trying to give the other one anal. not being able to get it in, he starts fucking the donkey's balls, and the camera switches. it ends in a nice spray of donkey cum. it seems you can get a lot done in 49 seconds. the addition of the sounds is a definate plus, especially since this is a free movie. i just keep having myself "cumming" back to this movie over and over again.

    poopmoose, posted

    This is a pretty great video, even though it is pretty short. Although the angle isn't very good, you get a perfect shot of the donkey's penis. It gets better when he cums as his lover is pounding away at his ass. He must have been working it pretty good to make him cum. At that point, he turns around and starts two sniff the other donkey's penis. They put a pretty good show on for their lucky owner. It's a wonder as to how their owner got them to fuck. Either way, this is an amazingly hot video.

    DawgDerp, posted

    i think it was an gud clip.i mean who would think to donkeys doing it like omg.that kinda radical if you ask me its almost unbelievable lol =D if i was the camera guy i would be in total shock like dude its 2 donkeys effin each other in the anus its that kinda thing like radical but awkward moment.overall it was awsome the fliming was good the donkey sex was crazy radical but obviously because the donkey seemed to be enjoying it so mad props to the camera guy the donkey for holding it down and this website for even allowing people to even upload clips like this!

    jaylensiler, posted
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