• Dog vs Cat

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    That cat loved it! Awesome dog!

    windmill, posted

    if you want to fuck my dogs and pay or you wannna be a porn star...contact me now temmyvicent@yahoo.com adult only please

    omoooo, posted

    idiot. laugh

    piolhofj, posted

    Not sure if you've got enough brain cells or not, 2deep2tight2bad, but that was not willing. When you have something forced into you like that you can't just run, neither can a cat. If you knew anything about animals you'd know that.

    militus, posted

    If I saw correct, anal

    IHeartDogz, posted

    Not willing? It stood there and took it, didn't it? You ever try to hold a cat that doesn't want to be held? I'd have to agree with: "really force it in there till it sceams then force it some more".

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Too bad they didn't tie, now that would have been a funny clip!

    tsmith5143, posted

    ...honestly that's fucked up. the cat was seriously not willing at all. Thats like rape in the animal kingdom. fuck dogs. Poor kitty...

    lionlover3, posted

    Can i be the cat?

    foxxywitch, posted

    Lol poor cat

    Msbe, posted

    really force it in there till it sceams then force it some more

    megapimp0825, posted

    The cat and dog made a secret dealing. Cat sex for dog food >.>

    Foxtai, posted

    oh my god that poor cat!!! cats arn't made to hold giant dog dicks!!! he could have riped the poor thing open!!! all though that was kinda hot...

    gigglebut, posted

    they would have knoted

    heod, posted

    If only the one filming it wasn't an immature kid that kept laughing at the end. :[

    niwsan, posted

    WTH pussy is pussy

    djw, posted

    Nice!!! That dog needed pussy b-a-d... she loved it though... heard those meows..mmmmm love to see him get her again and again...thanks for posting!

    tnproudgirl, posted

    very hot

    eives, posted

    Oh Myyyyyyy! Now that's one Horny Dog! Pussy is pussy to him. He can hold me down and pound my Hot Tight Puss like that too!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    sexy :P

    TheSnooge, posted

    God,never saw this before !

    DogHouse, posted


    Ramy, posted

    this was just too cute and funny...bet that cat didn't know whether to enjoy it or dislike it...

    notnice1947, posted

    Too funny!

    foxxwertas, posted

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