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    Big Elephant Cock


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    Well Hung

    Uploaded by Calfboy · Rating: 3.0 (13 votes) · 8616 views


    What's gray and comes in quarts?

    HorsePleasure, posted

    I love horse cock, but I would take this monster up me anytime.

    horbot, posted

    Oh I know I'd love to see some human interaction with that beast but I doubt it'll ever happen

    blackpeppir, posted

    nice clip, good opportunity to see!!

    shanto1958, posted

    I agree. There should be more movies with human interactions with elephants. It's really hot. But yeah that might not ever happen because the beast is not that tame. The elephant might freak out and start charging or something. Something violent lol. Man, If only someone can somehow tame this beast than there would be more hot videos to go around on this site ;). and I love how big the elephants cock is. I like horses too but that is just huge! Anyways nice video except the laughing lol. I'd love to ride that huge cock anyday. I also love how it moves by itself, easier for elephants to have sex haha.

    narutogirl, posted
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