• awesome horse mating video, i haven't seen such a load

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    That stallion is so sexy :D.

    Amouxx, posted

    i cant understand these people... when my mare was in heat and I needed a foal from her, I would wait for the proper time, and prepare her a bit before mating (teasing her myself, maybe even making love to her a bit). She would then gladly accept any stallion to further please her, even tho after the mating she would get special treatment from me tehehe

    brownhill, posted

    load??? what load-anawyay, no action

    andc, posted

    all of one movies can be downloaded?

    MosesGreg, posted

    I bet she'll feel that tomorrow!

    aaalll, posted

    nice, but in the wrong section I think...

    Dog444, posted

    you haven't seen such a load, huh. no load whatsoever.

    Fleeb, posted

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