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    Girraffe Mating


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    rare video footage

    Uploaded by psomaster · Rating: 3.6 (36 votes) · 14497 views


    he plays call of duty to much

    longish1, posted

    Perfect aiming.

    darksoulcashx, posted

    good shot!

    SourP, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    Would love to see a video of a person with a male giraffe. Playing with it, I mean. I don't think any such video has ever been made, though.

    ragete, posted

    that girraffe has mad accuracy, thats sniping. i did not think he got any but i was wrong. i bet you could throw a ring in the air and he could stick his cock in it twice before it hit the ground. professional skills right there

    winterdreams, posted
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