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    Anal Donkey Mate


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    Anal donkey mating, low quality short but sweet.

    Uploaded by Kenin · Rating: 4.2 (80 votes) · 23172 views


    I wish we could see some thing like this with a stallion and a mare. Or more more men & mare like this.

    dn19, posted

    oh my i have hard on i want that donkey fuck me anytime!!!

    SexlyHyena, posted

    while growing up on the farm, my neighbor had a mail donkey that I used to love going over and having his mount my ass and fuck me good and I loved getting his huge load of cum filling my ass. He would make me cum every time, feeling his huge cock sliding against my prostate and I because addicted to it. I know understand why another male donley will let another donkey fuck his ass because once he has had that cock up in him and he shoots his load, like I do, I ma sure he gets hooked on it as much as I have. Of course he wouldn't resist that huge cock going in his ass, the feeling is hard to describe and I deffinately relate to how he loves being fucked. I am and have been looking for a while for another mail donly to continue the thrill I had as a teenager. That donke would start getting hard only when he saw me going to the barn and I know he was well aware that I was his bitch and it always got me excited when I would see his huge cock growing knowing that he was ready to give me another aweslome fucking.

    sidhorny, posted

    but of course this vid is also great!

    mischa12334, posted

    then wait until I post mine. I have somewhere nice close-up of two male donkeys....

    mischa12334, posted

    that is the best video i ever see

    engenhusen, posted
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