• guy stimulates dolphin until his cock extends

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    you sick fucks

    johnfuker, posted

    I'd hit that!! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    No, Think about it. If that were true, the dolphins dick would look like a huge hunk of meat due to recoil, second, how would there be any female dolphins, either? they would all be dead.

    creepypants, posted

    To those wishing to engage a male dolphin in sex, you can't. You'd die. If the dolphin jerked while you were having sex with it, it would break your back and probably more. If you tried to suck the cock, a sudden jerk could break your neck. At best, you could give it a handjob. At best.

    blasphemy, posted

    looked like she was drowning it lol XD

    cookieninam, posted

    and the dolphin cusses him out for stopping before he could cum.

    meli, posted

    Looks very interesting

    xavierconrad, posted


    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    I ould love to try that.

    alysheba, posted

    looks like a tounge

    kirsion, posted

    i think thats a woman

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    Damn I'd love to try some of his cock!

    petloverhere, posted

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    Evidently you guys are reading to much "Dolphin Lover Blogs" or something. Reason why you guys say you'd die from a male dolphin is because you haven't even got to experience that momment in life,there isn't videos of man or woman letting a male dolphin fuck them. A guy fucked an alligator in his ass,A MALE ALLIGATOR! That was the best beastiality video i have EVER seen on the web,because for once someone took action and fucked a dangerous animal,if i had a chance when im a bit older to fuck a male dolphin i will at least "TRY" unlike you guys you are just searching and reading nonsense that the world disapproves if you want to fuck a dolphin fuck the dolphin,amel/female/it,fuck or what not if you have that momment to fuck the dolphin or creat a special relationship then do it,if you get to have sex and get injured at the end just say it was worth it at least,okay guys and stop reading that fake ass dolphin story he/she is just imaging crap that happened back then or something when beastiality was raw from it's old'e roots.

    Zandolaf, posted

    A1: If you look at the ventral, or belly, side of a dolphin you will see a series of slits near the base of the peduncle, or tail (not to be confused with the "tail fluke"). A male dolphin has one long slit followed by a short slit, or afterslit. The long slit contains the penile opening. The penis is connected to the "extensor muscle". The afterslit is the anus. Females have one long slit with two smaller slits on either side. The long slit contains the clitoris, vaginal opening, and anus. The anus is in the lower end of the slit. The two smaller slits are the mammary slits, these contain the teats. When a calf nurses, the mother will squirt the milk from one of the two slits right into the calves mouth.

    ded899, posted
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