• close up of dolphin pussy

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    kuoria, posted

    Is that a dead dolphin. Its hard to differentiate which is a male and female dolphin if your not familiar with them because they both have clits and males have their penis inside their clits and it comes out during mating

    inflakasta, posted

    female dolphin pussy not a lote of that out thar

    jimdragon, posted

    Someone do a vid of fucking a female dolphin.

    kazeoni, posted

    yeah...we need more vid about female dolphin... it was so great pussy...I really want to know about her pussy.... is that clit ? how big is it... how inside her stuff...? so interesting...

    goodfarmer17, posted

    you can also eat dolphins they r great

    jamehenry12, posted

    holy hot damn!

    cockpunch, posted

    fun time

    byran12t, posted

    who dosent want there dick in that

    bobbylight81, posted

    That's... new. thankyou

    UberGrimm, posted

    lol thats one big pussy

    jslp1234, posted


    123dragon123, posted

    mmm man i would love to try to fuck that

    i_love_u2, posted

    I think a dolphin a way big enough for a human.

    Jones111, posted

    in my dreams.. God I so much want to make love to a dolphin.. It's been a fantasy of mine for a long time.. Have you ever done it? What's it like.. I mean is it a tight grip? How is it in there? Do the get wet in there? (from vaginal lube not water from outside) can a human get his penis all the way in there? How easy is it to get a human penis in a dolphin? Do you need to stretch her or are they big enough from the beginning?

    intokniners, posted

    that looks like itd feel amazing

    ctguy, posted


    mennis5, posted

    Does dolphin pussy smell/taste like fish?

    pay2play, posted

    Indeed, Not only humans and dolphins make sex for fun, even big cats, like lions, tigers etc, horses, dogs, all these animals do it for fun too. And of course others too.

    brownhill, posted

    Wrong.. I think all or almost all animals can have sex for fun, If not why males doit with males or with other species? Cause it fells good and if it fells good it means is fun.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Humans and Dolphins r the only ones that has sex for fun so i bet she liked that

    Trentmutt, posted

    i could stop eating tuna to try some dolphin...

    beassst, posted

    Thats new for me thanks!

    jk-des, posted


    drlord, posted

    i would like to fuck that female dolphin

    ROBBEN, posted

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