• Horsed having sex

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    It started out good but good grief, do people get off touching a horses penis when he is mating a female? Trust me, it was in there... he didn't need your freaking help.

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    i say a job well done

    horseranger, posted

    Ajajaj . Hard penis and beatyful pussy mare

    archivrem, posted

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    Even though the draft horse is supposed to be the biggest cock in the equine species, this show doesn't really show much and leaves everything to the imagination. Although the show itself isn't grainy, there isn't much to see, what with the film jumping from frame to frame, therefore leaving the viewer in total disbelief that this should have even been published! The show also, in jumping from frame to frame, left the viewer wondering just what was going to be on the next frame. Even tho' the show does go through the entire movie, showing what is supposed to be a complete sex session, you only get a shot of the horse cunt, then the ground, then of the stallions cock, then bringing you to a climax supposedly more exciting than what the stallions climax could have, or should have been all along. Putting it plainly, the show itself isn't all that great a movie, in that it doesn't go into that great of a detail about which horse is which. The only part of the show that is defined is the part of where the stallion finally climaxes, and the viewer doesn't really know what actually happened, all you see is what appears to be a horse cock, falling out of what appears to be a mares cunt, and then something that appears to be horse cum all over the ground.

    Voyager1, posted

    that movie is awesome and it's totally amazing to see the horse gentilla and view him while mating another pony or mare and they look like in wild that more hot than any one want to have in his butt, such wide long dick is amaizing and lot'z of cum in and it's getting out also make u wanna lick or drink them all in your mouth it makes me wanna take his cock right into my deep huge ass, and do it with his mare, it's cool to have a volume or sound in such vedio i hope all is the same

    kero99, posted
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