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    Rhino Cock


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    title says it all

    Uploaded by hum · Rating: 4.1 (66 votes) · 18920 views


    det var en riktig stor doning han hade men han var stor själv

    A-Z07, posted

    That's a fucking BIG, FAT cock. Female rhinos must be happy getting such a big, fat cock inside them. Even if it's only for a few seconds. But after another few seconds he wants to drive it in again for another few seconds. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    woow so hot so horny

    bertel, posted

    Thats what I like to see.Big animals with big cocks.

    bhendrix, posted

    whished I could move my cock like that

    ichliebe6, posted

    wow.......now he's packing some serious heat there.

    Mr.C, posted

    my word - that looks like two foot of pure muscle

    nightbeast, posted

    Rather intresting, actually. Exotic members and other genetalia of the animal kingdom is a rather nice enjoyment for such of my own likes. This was a bit impressive. About half of it would not slip inside a human without drastic force, and the head of it looks rather pleasing for some and more hurting in the manner for others. This rhino bull is a intresting one, for some reason it does not move. Each time I've seen a rhino, it have been walking around or laying down. The utter question is that if they just stand there all day? But now to the reiew of this, I would give a facinating cock as this one a try, if I could. Owning a rhino as a private person would cost some rather huge amounts of money and so on. But if I were a rhino myself, I would surely enjoy it. Even if it is the only rhino member I've seen, I surely think that is of higher standard and size than the others. The movie's clip lenght is rather fitting to it, but a more intense view had been prefered. Only if the rhino would have stood closer, then his mighty meat would throb closer to the camera and more of it's details would be seen and a even more detailed review would been set to place. Question also says: Does rhinos have large testicles? I sure hope so, it would fit to the huge meat they have. It resembles a horse or a elephant's cock a lot :) I would enjoy seeing both a male and a female review of a rhino's genetalia and such. It would approove in my own personal doing about sexual fantasies and stories I am currently going all mad about.

    sshentai, posted
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