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    Dane Dildo Pussy


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    A Harlequin Great Dane gets a K9 dildo in her pussy.

    Uploaded by skawdtdawg · Rating: 4.5 (74 votes) · 26195 views


    All you dummies below: I'm glad he didn't push a hard dildo knot in. Contrary to what many think, that's not how a dog's anatomy works, so bitches are not built for taking a hard knot in. A dog is soft when the knot goes in, it only enlarges after entry. I wince whenever I see someone shove something like that in a bitch. Try that on your own ass and see how it feels.

    potatochip411, posted

    I'd love to lick her...

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    I want to lick that dildo now it's been there :p

    haribo64, posted

    The dane got all the pleasure she needed she did not need the extra shove of the knot. I thought it was hot seeing how caring and gentle he was ♥

    Werelobo, posted

    Hehe, maybe next time. ;)

    skawdtdawg, posted

    Only inprovement: Knot go in! Knot go in!

    Haribo01, posted

    I wish more people would care like the zoosexual cares for the sexual needs of the other animals around them.

    Artiewhitefox, posted

    What a wimp; make her take the knot. It's not like she's too small. Lube it up and drive it in!

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Wish the knot would've gone in.

    loltrolllol, posted
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