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    Dane Dildo Pussy


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    A Harlequin Great Dane gets a K9 dildo in her pussy.

    Uploaded by skawdtdawg · Rating: 4.5 (82 votes) · 30434 views


    I still watch this over and over again... one of the hottest.

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    that was very hot you can tell she liked it by the motions of her tail

    huskyhumper2769, posted

    All you dummies below: I'm glad he didn't push a hard dildo knot in. Contrary to what many think, that's not how a dog's anatomy works, so bitches are not built for taking a hard knot in. A dog is soft when the knot goes in, it only enlarges after entry. I wince whenever I see someone shove something like that in a bitch. Try that on your own ass and see how it feels.

    potatochip411, posted

    I'd love to lick her...

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    I want to lick that dildo now it's been there :p

    haribo64, posted

    The dane got all the pleasure she needed she did not need the extra shove of the knot. I thought it was hot seeing how caring and gentle he was ♥

    Werelobo, posted

    Hehe, maybe next time. ;)

    skawdtdawg, posted

    Only inprovement: Knot go in! Knot go in!

    Haribo01, posted

    I wish more people would care like the zoosexual cares for the sexual needs of the other animals around them.

    Artiewhitefox, posted

    What a wimp; make her take the knot. It's not like she's too small. Lube it up and drive it in!

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Wish the knot would've gone in.

    loltrolllol, posted
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