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    Pony Fuck


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    hot horse sex

    Uploaded by 12w · Rating: 4.0 (27 votes) · 18519 views


    This is a great video of a big, brown stallion "letting it all hang out". This big boy is standing in his pen, masturbating as well as you can without any hands. His big, thick black cock slowly drops out of his sheath and grows into a full, big, thick, black cock that bounces and wriggles freely. The camera angle is good, and we can see as his hard on grows and drops even more. We also see the cock's head start to swell. Finally, his big dick retreats back into his sheath, and while still flaccid, he sprays his sizable load all onto the ground. A very nice video, and the cock making its way out of the sheath while flaccid is very hot.

    vosjes, posted

    I wanna be that mare...

    phillyfarmgurl, posted
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