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    i read a biography about a guy who had sex with a female dolphin. he said it was the most awesome sexual experience had ever had yet getting in to position in water was difficult. but basically she did all the work

    10301991, posted

    that would be interesting to try

    argonian, posted

    You know, there's strong evidence that suggests that Dolphins might be sentient, on the same level of intelligence as Humans. Not only this, but there are frequent reports of Bottlenose dolphins attempting to instigate sexual relations with swimmers. My point? I think this Dolphin is actually enjoying being fingered, rather than letting instinct take over as with pretty much every other animal(excluding some Whales and Apes.)

    Laramie, posted

    need dolphin pussy !

    neonkafree, posted

    i wonder if his finger smell fishy... :)

    stevenc181, posted

    why i cant see it?? pleas tell me!!

    Porotito, posted

    I came so hard. If only it were in her sweet pussy. :(

    Viperath, posted

    talk abut wet

    cuntpunt123, posted

    wouldn't they break your cock if they dart away :))) cuz it's obviously hard to restrain a dolphin female

    asc3asc, posted

    I hear they are REALLY great sex

    madmoose, posted

    All of nature is engaging in sex of all kinds. anything that produces pollen is a type of penis. The whole planet is one big sexual orgy.Nature is opportunistic.We are part of nature. Therefore humans are going to do the things of nature. No one should be persecuted for that. zoo,and bestiality which is casual sex with another species. should be taught to anyone who wants to learn.

    Artiefox151956, posted

    something i would want to give a shot but probably never will =P

    ds2k9, posted

    i wonder how fast they would fire his ass if they seen this

    festaint, posted

    so cool

    watcherman, posted

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    How often do you really see something like? It is rare enough just seeing them, but to actually touch them? Dolphins are beautiful creatures, and this shows one up close and personal. This video may be short—but what it shows it really worth it! The person in this video is really lucky—not only does he get to see this creature up close—but he also gets to enjoy a gentle touch of it. It must have been a truly exhilarating (and very magical) experience! If you do not watch another dolphin video, watch this one, and see how close one can get to these gentle creatures.

    umi_dream, posted
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