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    Horses Having Fun


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    One Video Having Sex!

    Uploaded by Pitbull91 · Rating: 2.8 (31 votes) · 3839 views


    I am glad I usually turn down my volume for some of these videos. The people filming really ruin a lot of the movies sometimes. Or other unneeded sounds. I can not say this is the worst camera job I have seen on a video, but I REALLY can't say it es the best either. I care more about how our two subjects are feeling in the situation, in which, I feel awful for them. For if you notice, they too look VERY annoyed about the people's reaction to the situation and the insulting laughter. Such shame. :-(

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    the laughing is idiotic and as the reviewer before me stated, the cameraman doesn't know what he's doing. Obviously he isn't the owners of these animals or else he would be laughing like it was a joke. I'm guessing this video was shot illegally without the owners knowing. This isn't even worthy of being on the site.

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    umm...stud's no horse. He's an ass, trying to get some ass. Camera guy seems like he doesn't know how a camera works. Glad this was a freebie, would not have wasted credits on it.

    phillyfarmgurl, posted
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