• A horse is standing there, then his penis beings to drop and he starts to get horny, and tries very hard to reach ejaculation, even gets horny enough to stand on his two back legs and jerk his cock up.

    Uploaded by KayHusky · Rating: 4.5 (107 votes) · 16568 views


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    This guy reminds me of myself at 14... my cock so hard, but try as I might, i cant get it in my mouth.

    lightning95, posted

    poor little guy needs it bad!!! give him a hand or a mini mare!!!

    justmexo, posted

    Amazing...This beats most other videos...the horse is so fucking ready, if only I WAS THERE TO give him mouth, hand and pussy :P

    marylasher122, posted

    y did u not suck him off!!!!!

    shitonmydog, posted

    i willhelp him out i will ebnd over for him with easy .take up the ass ooohohohho baby do me

    HyenaFucker, posted

    help him before he turns blue!

    darkness0259, posted

    I'd like to help him out with a hand job and a little sucking too!!

    pfman, posted

    he wants to suck his own cock so bad

    ilovedogs24, posted

    fuck me this is hot...such energy in this male stallion, the fact this guy bothered taping it is amazing...Now all he needs is someone like me - who doesnt have patience at all...he needs a pussy or handjob pronto!

    marylasher122, posted


    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    animal cruelty! for not jerking off in dire need *g*

    JackingHorse, posted

    I'd help him out. Can't resist that big cock flopping around everywhere!

    KitKat33, posted

    nice asshole

    TheDe292, posted

    I would help him!!! :D

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    this should have been longer!

    GMC_RTS, posted

    OOh i wish i could have helped him

    GeileStutex3, posted

    Poor boy wish i could have helped him with it

    nuidog12, posted

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