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    Elephant Fucks Rhino


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    Rhino gets it from an elephant

    Uploaded by geoff · Rating: 3.1 (38 votes) · 15134 views


    at first i came to this website because i was curious :L fuckin wierd ig thery wernt joking when that said curiosity killed that cat :L i think ill stick to the other two

    thundermoon99, posted

    got fucking girls very hord

    santhosh77, posted

    Animal Planet? LOLWUT?! And whatever happened to Elephants and Rhinos fighting each other? XD

    GiggityAlright, posted

    Hot and rare! Thank you for sharing!

    hhh_408, posted

    Lol, your desc is wrong.. :/

    Klozzcom, posted

    This video is a short showing an elephant trying to mate with a rhino. The location is probably in northern Africa, but is unknown if this is correct. The video first shows a rhino coming at the camera while the elephant is in the middle of attempting to mount the other rhino. The rhino proceeds to block the camera view of the footage. We finally cut back to the rhino and the elephant before the male elephant dismounts after a failure to enter the rhino. Very short clip, since it is only ten seconds long. Very interesting video clip. Would recommend to anyone interested in cross breeding of animals or someone interested in odd animal mating videos.

    Scottyyy, posted
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