• This clip is look behind of stallion. It´s a nice jerk ... you can see his big ball to grow and the nice scrotum. It´s nice to look.

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    I want to suck

    gmainy, posted

    det var en stor och vacker hingstkuk synd att man inte fick leka med den

    A-Z07, posted

    Where was the masturbation???????????

    woomis47, posted

    det är alltid skönt att se dom vackra hingst kukarna

    CHOOSE, posted

    mmmmmm i like horse !!!

    mancockhorse, posted

    mmmmmm i like horse cock!!!

    mancockhorse, posted


    PLURG, posted

    What I would give to have that cock in my mouth, covering me in is hot, animal cum♥

    hiimbobx3, posted

    Now that is what i call a cock

    johhnys, posted

    eine sau geiler schwanz.. =)

    master_20, posted

    lord bles me baby would i ever love to raps my pee lips right around that pee and suck get it all over my pussy and cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!please send more like this especially a front view peeing and masturbating in front of us girls whel cum evertimethanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    swingdoctor, posted

    Should reached in an helped finish him off. I woulda love to have seen those HUGE balls pulsing as he shot his hot load!

    horsedoktor, posted

    Actually didn't mind the music with this one :) and yeah that's just dead skin. A good sheath wash will take those flakes right off and leave him nice, shiny, and smooth.

    horsedoc88, posted

    Unicorn1986 all horse penises are like that

    wowilovehorsec, posted

    ew... the penis has warts all over it. That horse needs a vet!

    Unicorn1986, posted

    Wow! Why can't I suck it immediately? I cannot resist to this cock, I want to feel as it gets bigger and harder in my mouse!

    papaluigi, posted

    Such a sexy horse and the view is the best, such nice balls oh i'd love to suck on them even get a hint of his musk. I love how they bounce. Then when his cock drops I'd be all over that tasty dick ;3 Very nice video

    Bighornywolf_92, posted

    Nice, a cock I would love in my mouth.

    LWJII, posted

    more of this great tool. THX to post

    ponystosser, posted

    oh so big why you don't touch him !!! :'(

    bide777, posted

    I would suck that beautiful monster cock for ages before fucking it up my throbbing hole, feel it flare and shoot it's hot spunk up me - Heaven...

    horbot, posted

    very nice big cock, I love it very much.

    xiaojijida, posted

    very nice cock and i love Clydesdale they are so big and sexy

    ilovedogs24, posted

    I would let him fuck me up or at least jack him off

    bowtieman88, posted

    kako bih ga dudlao i balavio. fenomenalan video

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    vor allem müste der Schwanz mal sauber gerubbelt werden!!!

    Horseloverxxl, posted

    That is so impressiv O.O I wanna Touch it

    Predator87, posted

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    its an OK video, its quite long as free videos go. you can see the horse getting an erection. some nice shots of the penis and the balls as it elongates and the balls seem to swell, the music does not really work for this video. all in all, I've seen better, but this is by no means the worst video I have seen so far. If I'm honest, I probably would not recommend this video as there are plenty more videos where you see more and the horse does more, so watch it if you want but it is not really worth it.

    hiboy434, posted

    well let me say that the music was sure appropriate, i didnt realize that a horse was layered like that but it is really kindof intriguing to think about all that meat going inside that female pussy, got to hand it to them they really go to town and that definately kind of followed the music almost to a T it must be over 20 inches long probably closer to two feet but at any rate definately worth watching just for the rythum if nothing else that alone is worth the admission its kind of mezmerizing just watching it go up and down and slapping against its stomach just the raw power is tremendeous very interesting to say the least

    brickdog1966, posted

    Excellent view!!! You can see everything, the balls the sheath-this is my favorit movement, as the gland then slowly th cock slip out from the sheath, I am loving it!!!!!! The camera angle is very good and from behind it gets more exciting and interessing. Very good quality! You can see every dtailes very clear! Nice colors, brown, rose, nice, muscled ass, and a very nice irresistible cock. As it gets bigger and bigger and then start to masturbate! I can't stop watching it! Up and down, and up and down and then cums.... Must see! Can you imagine how exciting it could be in the reality just from some inches from your face? Must try it!

    papaluigi, posted

    u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j u know u want it n j

    spyderx919, posted
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