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    Cock & Knot


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    This is our first upload, nothing to special just me jacking off my dog to show off his very nice cock and big knot. I hope the quality was alright and I hope all that watch enjoy ^^.

    Uploaded by Rek9969 · Rating: 4.3 (85 votes) · 20579 views


    Dude, if that's "nothing special", which had me rock hard, drooling, and jealous, then "something special" is surely something I'd pay to see. LOL HOT vid!

    k94694me, posted

    Would love to have that buried in my wet pussy. Any one with a horny male dog in Maryland send me a message please.

    princessdee6, posted

    That is one big knot and cock I bet his cum is very warm why are you letting it go to waste

    catdoglover12, posted

    Nice big 10 inch thick cock I bet his cum that he is squirting is warm and tasty

    alicerose, posted

    hey if you guys come across a video involving cockroaches, send me the link. some sick ass mother fucker put cock roaches in a cup and cut out the bottom of the cup and stuck his penis inside then put large cockroaches inside and let them crawl and nip at his dick so fucked up. if anyone sees it send me the link

    ooolllaaa, posted

    Ladies text, 18017268166. I'm 21. Lets play :) 18017268166

    jdpatel123, posted

    very good

    pigbull, posted

    eine geiler schwanz =9

    master_20, posted

    I'd love to suck, swallow and get gangbanged by a pack of dogs like that! RE:"/Never/ touch a dogs dick with your bare hands, it's extremely painful to them" That's what I have a mouth and ass for! ;)

    par_tgirl, posted

    want that inside me

    capriman, posted

    /Never/ touch a dogs dick with your bare hands, it's extremely painful to them.

    toastoncheese, posted

    i didn't know dogs had such big cocks and knots nowander the women like them would like to here from someone thats had the knot inside them

    doglover7676, posted

    wow did he respond to you jerking him off.. he got large very fast. Think maybe considering he did his job, you would have given him something warm to put that hard cock & not in... so many options, not to was a nice hard on, you worked at

    freerasta, posted

    put you mouth on it next time boy!

    Kbottom9, posted

    i am learning more and more about that knot that, it seems that all you have to do is hold it firmly and it starts to get excited.

    horseryder, posted

    yes, yes, yes...more of this dog please...what a beautiful boy...would love to watch more of him cumming :)

    taiga06, posted

    Absolutely scrumptious!!!

    heheejones, posted

    the camera work is awesome. The color, closeness and the angle almost made me feel like I was right there in the room watching the hand pleasuring the dog. The beautiful sight of the knot made me wish I was there and had it buried inside my tight and willing anus. The one thing that would made this an award winning knotting short film would have been seeing a massive showering of precious dog cum shooting from that gorgeous cock. I hope to see many more movies from this submitter and I'm sure I won't be disappointed in his or her subject matter.

    olderstud5923, posted
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