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    Anothe Stallion Cock Masterbate


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    This video is a little clip with a huge stallion he will get a stiff dick ... :-)) A nice penis with a good luck glans penis.

    Uploaded by PegasusXXL · Rating: 3.5 (47 votes) · 23690 views


    det var en stor o ståtlig hingst kuk det skulle vara skönt få runka

    A-Z07, posted

    wery exciting I cannot stop watching theese stallion videos and masturbate wit them .....I want to continue to realize my fantasies!!!!

    faszfej11, posted

    now that is a cock i could ride all day

    fuckmeup47, posted

    mmmmmmmm toki pamacus tikrai norisi ciulpti kol nueis visa sperma

    bulius161, posted

    Mmmmmmmm fuck me stallion my male ass is yours fuck my brains out please i beg u!!!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    geil, danke

    ponystosser, posted

    I want to suck that huge penis with that big meaty cockhead all day long.... and want him to cover me with his hot sperm!

    papaluigi, posted

    I want to suck it till he comes in my mouthe and all over my face and body....... wery exciting that it gets wet before it gets hard....yummmie :) and his gland is so big and so excited just like I love it... I wish I had an own horse...or two...or three :) If only I have an occasion to have sex with two stallion, this is my biggest dream: I want to rub their cocks to each other till they cums to each other big hard and excited cock, and then I would lick up all the sper, all the horsecum from that two juicy penis.... if somebody have a vide like that I would give anithing for it... or if someone have two stallion like that I would give really anything to suck to lovely big hard cumming horscock 9n the same time!!!!!

    faszfej11, posted

    I wish, I had a horse :) hahah I love big animals I love how the person was scratching underneath his chest and his penis was flexing. I wish it was a little longer to, I never seen a person actually masturbate a horse or any other animal, I like how big his dick was to, I wish I could suck on it. This alone is enough to get anyone horny, I bet that horse was thinking “Why don’t you rub a little lower for me?” I can only image how he taste too… mmmh horsie cock how I love it.

    dogXlover21, posted

    Strong horse, strong sex, strong cock..... It is a short movie, but it has everything you need a juicy big huge nice chocolatebron horsecock getting more and more excited, and start to masturbate. The colors are nice, the conures are clair, the picture is clean, the light are good. Short, but excellent. And when the scene finish than your imagination start to work :) And the good owner caress him to help a little-or just for his own pleasure....but wouldn't you caresse that horse if You were his owner? From morning to evening, and not only his belly... Have a lot of fun my friends! Papaluigi Papaluigi

    papaluigi, posted
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