• This video show's a mini stallion getting a boner, the stallion's cock slowly gorws bigger and harder. Just seeing his cock bumping is enough to make someone horny, don't miss it!

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    !!!what a nice cock!!! I would like to suck!

    cprevolution, posted

    My girl friend was caressing my COCK while we both watched, my cock became very hard that she started masturbating me she ended up sucking my cock till I cum on her face...............

    letusmeat, posted

    pretty balls!!!!

    justmexo, posted

    Is that horse inside a house?

    IForgotTheName, posted

    Ohhhh Fuck me this is perfection...my cunt needs to feel a perfect pink stallion cock like his!

    marylasher122, posted

    Nice action! Don't see many pink horse cocks. Love watching them slap their cocks against their belly!

    KitKat33, posted

    sure would like to have one of those in my house

    Ragnor, posted

    predivnoooo! kako bih ga mazio i lizao....

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    some1 pls suck that lol

    tosa, posted

    got vanilla

    osayo, posted

    Love to be sucking that cock

    patricia6961, posted

    ein sau geiler schwanz genau richtig zum rum machen =)

    master_20, posted

    je la veu dans ma bouche

    Sampik, posted

    geiler schwanz. sowas brauchts. THX fot the post

    ponystosser, posted

    Beautyful, exciting, and clear white, it is very rare! A white horscock gets biger and harder and more and more excited...and starts to masturbate. Must see!

    papaluigi, posted

    i think i have pics of his nummy cock from beastforum XD

    mooed123, posted

    nice clear video, shame though he looks like he needed some attention... wonder if he got some after the video was shot... hope so...he looked fun to have

    freerasta, posted

    I'm not a fan of Mini stallions but this one really made me love them, The size of his hot dick and his big balls. I would loved to suck that sexy stud off

    Bighornywolf_92, posted

    I love how pure and pink he es! :-D Wonderful!

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    prelepa kurcina

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    finally a beast cock with natural skin tones like a man. thats the way it should be .

    horseryder, posted

    absolut geile eier und harter knüppel, dem würde ich gerne helfen. mal richtig abzuspritzen und die eier massieren

    Horseloverxxl, posted

    Beautiful cock and balls! I love when their skin is pink.

    philip, posted

    im a 14 yr ol girl in georgia email me at keniya_morgan@yahoo.com

    wolitdown, posted

    det var en vacker hingst kuk den skulle vara skönt att runka

    CHOOSE, posted

    Anyone up for cybersex with a British male? Message me...

    Nostalgex, posted

    it got me horny <3

    spankyzz, posted

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    My name is Papaluigi and I have a very strange desire.... I love stallions, bigs and littles, huges and fierces, black brown, every colore and size! Hi everyone who are longing for the huuge nice horscocks! This video is unique, and very rare, everybody must to see it! Why? Because in generally the color of the stallions are very very rarely clear white, even the white horses have colored penis, black, rose, brown, etc. But a clear white penis like this, very nice, huge, exciting, the way it moves, the angle of the shooting makes everybody exited, I just can't stop watching it! So this is auniqe video for real experts and amateurs of stallions. Absolutelly must see it! And the way it moves! It seems that he is very horny and wants to masturbate- or wants someone to help him! Nice, exciting, huge, wet, and full of cum...... you cannot afford not to see it! My friends! Have a lot of fun! Papaluigi

    papaluigi, posted

    A very good example für genitalia movies.. It makes you wondering about the size of the horse cock in this video clip. I am getting so horny by watching this video. It is one of the best with a horse cock. A white horse, horny, kinky.. it is standing in the stallion and it is waiting for somebody who wants to lick these nice balls. A beautiful horse penis.. it is so wonderful to watch it. I like it, these big balls are great.. good job! I want to watch more, please, more! Good job. The quality is great. It could be a little bit longer and i prefer the hands of a man at this cock^^

    bodi-muenchen, posted
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