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    Pit Bull Jacking Off


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    A male pit bull jacking himself off twice by grabbing his sheath with his teeth behind the knot, obviously enjoying the feeling. Enjoy and don't forget to vote!

    Uploaded by markul78 · Rating: 3.8 (69 votes) · 11410 views


    if i ever get a dog and hes jerking off im defiantly gonna let him fuck me ;)

    MinecraftGuy79, posted

    Why didn't you help him out?? I would have happily sat on that thing and have given him instant relief. ^^

    panicpanda2, posted

    merci du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    Now thats a Hot Dog! :D I would fuck him silly

    Adrinator, posted

    come here boy let me sit on your dick!!!

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    Looks like he pretty well knows what he likes and how to get it.

    Galinor45, posted

    Awesome! And proof that male dogs do love oral :)

    taiga06, posted

    al bih ga zajahao

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    poor boy, someone needs to give him a hand (or a nice wet mouth 6 ^.-)

    hyoni5150, posted

    It had been six months since my female German Shepherd had passed on. I could hardly believe sic months flew by - to be honest - I can only really remember the last month. Betty, the Shepherd, had been my lover since her second heat. I never intended on becoming her lover - my god - a dog? That was disgusting! Well, it started when as I said during her second heat. She was already slated to go to the vets to be spayed but her cycle kicked in the 2nd time before she went under for the operation. Finding out the hard way that she could not be fixed until her heat had passed, I decided to ride out the hormonal dance her body was going through. Well, unlike the first time, this time around in heat I could swear she was hitting on me. I would look deep into her eyes and she would mine. Sometimes it would seem like she was flirting by moving her tail off to the side and just standing there. One time, I swear to you this is true, I think she stopped on purpose so I could run into her. Well, it all came to a head one night when I was coming out of the shower after a long weekend days work in the garden and she just galloped over to me and stuck her nose in my crotch. The cold-wet nose made me jump. I was about to say "no!" or "stop" when I felt he tongue on the tip of my penis. To my surprise, I got hard. She took her tongue and continued to bathe my dick in her saliva. Within moments of full erection, she was licking from base of shaft to tip of my cock head. I started to stroke her head as she performed. She went on for another few seconds and stopped. I was shocked, I had not come yet. "What?" I asked. She looked at me and stood erect, moving her tail. I began to run my hands on her back, reaching underneath to touch her nipples. I traced my hand all the way down her back and slowly placed it between her legs and began to rub her vagina. I was cautious at first, but got more into it after hearing her moan. I then took a finger and began to probe her lips. She was starting to buck her hips and the moment I found her clit, the dog was in another world. She began riding my hand and finger like there was no tommorow. Soon her vaginal walls were contracting on my finger. As for me I was I was as hard as I had ever been and dribbling pre-cum like you would not believe. I stood up and figured, "old boy - you have come this far - why the hell not finish the job!" And so I did.

    hotty4life5, posted
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