• This is a great horse matting movie. The stud is so hormy that lot's of precum gushes out of his errection before mounting plus lots of cum flowing out during pull out

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    ive never seen a horse precum so much....it was just shooting out! :D

    esayemay, posted

    A little low on quality but not bad for the 80's. Good hot horse mating with plenty of precum very nice

    Ragnor, posted

    that was intoxicatingly hot;)

    CherriesD, posted

    look at all that cum spraying everywhere. Id love to take a shower in it then suck that guys cock after it was in the mare.

    farmgirlslut, posted

    The guy is naked, the Movie is the end from a Beastility Movie and the Stallion has make a good job with the woman.

    vivaldi, posted

    why is the guy naked lol

    wxkwff, posted

    Is the guy ready for sloppy seconds?

    gstud1971, posted

    why is the guy naked lol

    brownhill, posted

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    While looking at horse matting I be gain to get horny I had no idea that seeing animals would have me rubbing myself, I had the biggest nut ever.I just wanted to see more and more I could stop observing the movies. I had a ball at home all alone looking at these movies.would I try it? I don't know. I seen this one movie this lady was sitting on a stool letting the horse pound her hard,All that cum that came out of her made me so excited ! I had to tell somebody about this site, so I call my cuzen and said man you need to go this site and look how these Animals are sexing the woman.I really like this site and I will be here more often.

    Phatpussy29, posted
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