• Horse try several times to fuck a gay donkey, the horny donkey enjoy each second while the horse tries to penetrate his ass. GAY GAY GAY GAY

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    After every fuck: Horse: "Why aren't you hard yet :("

    goldencherry, posted

    while growing up on the farm, my neighbor had a male donkey that I used to love going over and having him mount my ass and fuck me good and I loved getting his huge load of cum filling my ass. He would make me cum every time, feeling his huge cock sliding against my prostate and I because addicted to it. I now understand why another male donkey will let another donkey fuck his ass because once he has had that cock up in him and he shoots his load, like I do, I am sure he gets hooked on it as much as I have. Of course he wouldn't resist that huge cock going in his ass, the feeling is hard to describe and I deffinately relate to how he loves being fucked. I am and have been looking for a while for another mail donly to continue the thrill I had as a teenager. That donkey would start getting hard only when he saw me going to the barn and I know he was well aware that I was his bitch and it always got me excited when I would see his huge cock growing knowing that he was ready to give me another aweslome fucking.

    sidhorny, posted

    18 year old male virgin here looking to get fucked hard and knotted harder. I don't care who you are or where u live, come and get me. 714-673-8956

    LUVSHUSKY, posted

    I can't even explain how beautiful the love between these two are. This video almost made me cry! ^o^ (I'm afraid nothing to do with the music or video editing)

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    please fuck me ahhhh

    Animalboy83, posted

    i think iv just been mind fucked :S

    dandude1, posted

    First of all, it's a Mule, not a donkey. (Mule: offspring of jack donkey on mare). Second, you can't improve on a good clip by jacking with the video, and you can't improve a bad clip by jacking with the video. And be damn glad for the "mute" button.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Alle jungs und m├Ądels aus Bayern am besten unter 18 ( aber nicht notwendig ) skype melden: poati.dream7

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    @Below, yeah, it's the one where you mute audio.

    FurryAvenger, posted

    is there a clip of this that doesn't have the stupid looping and audio?

    Fjord22, posted

    ... It was alright..

    risoux, posted

    I have to say, there es nothing I love more then two male Equines enjoying themselves like this. I would LOVE to see more videos of this exact scene. Thank you so very much. =^-^=

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    Where's the KY jelly when you need it?

    gstud1971, posted

    Have had stallions fuck geldings before,is really cool to watch.Seems like a gelding will be a stud's bitch.

    philip, posted

    Wish I had him here fucking me!! I only suck my Stallions off but now thinking of getting him to try this with me

    sidatit, posted

    it is being looped that is a short clip being extended, but it did actually hapened ! an animal can nopt be gay its just frutrated sex fuck what ever is available.

    horseryder, posted

    stupid video so obviously manipulated

    macaak, posted

    make a new video

    gimmly05, posted

    would be good without manipulation on the vid

    gimmly05, posted

    NO! HE DOES NOT! animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Audio fucked up the video, and the worst thing is that it would have been awesome

    kyusawamura, posted

    would have been better to have seen the vid before it was messed with, you ruined it

    xbgold, posted

    I want a donkey or stallion dick in me so bad!!! Would anyone let there donkey or stallion in pennsylvania fuck me hard? Message me if so:)

    horselover192, posted

    Donkey enjoys it as much as the stallion - get rid of the audio

    gstud1971, posted

    Finnaly! I've been looking for gay horses :)

    Staitus, posted

    le saluad il doit bien aimer le trou du cul dommage que je ne puisse pas lui donner le mien

    moreno2007, posted

    kudaranaiw kore ongaku tsukeru hitsuyou naidarow

    KNT, posted

    really shit vidoe. period. gay horses are okay. but fucking with the actual footage, and stupid sound clips.

    sexyhorsegirl, posted


    nobelbl, posted


    wihan2000, posted


    Wolfiekrum, posted

    Video was okay, but to who ever did this video, in future please refrain from messing with it to much, and the music detracted from it, would have been better to hear the animals vocalizing.

    silverblade18, posted

    its was ok really hot to see gay horses wish i owned them

    ilovedogs24, posted

    would of been good if you got right up were the dic was going in the hole video not all that

    jt78am, posted

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    This in all honesty is just a horrible video, it just loops and has horrible cover music, turning what would have been an okay video in a simply horrible one. This is simply a joke at the expense of people who enjoy this sort of thing. the video itself is of a Male horse trying to mate a male donkey covered by silly noises. If the noises weren't there and the video didn't repeat, this would have been a 30 second video and so you can understand how annoying this is since it is a minute and a half long.

    zomby1, posted

    I dont know if this was supposed to be some real video or a joke with the sound/song in it i think honestly it was supposed to be a joke but it would have been hot maybe without the extra sound in it. i honestly have a hard time finding any good videos like this and it angers me when people take it as a joke and add childish sounds into it like this one did. this is still pretty good if you mute it but they also repeat parts over and over it really is ridiculous i think but it is essentially a male horse trying to mate a male donkey.

    BlueTailedWolf, posted
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