• Sorry no audio This is a video showing a hot cow flashing her beatiful pussy. I think she is ready for some steamy man cow action. She's just begging to be fucked.

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    A lot of cows have that one hair that comes down off the tip of their lips like this one. Do you think it would cause them pain if you trimmed it a bit?

    Ratty, posted

    She ain't flashin, she's hitting flys and bugs away -.-

    yummysemen, posted

    nice ass hole

    xbgold, posted

    hottest cow - no bullshit!

    waffa, posted

    Mmmmmm,im so horny

    Kramms, posted

    God i wanma fuck her so badly!!!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Så härligt hon masserar könet med svansen. Henne bestiger jag gärna. Jag är inte van att få in lemmen hos kvinnor, kor och kvigor är underbara och DJUPA.

    katman69, posted

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    The cow is moving around the field and eating grass.This cow is showing her soft pussy. Her pussy is very beautiful and need to fuck her.The cow's pussy taste so good and making my cock so hard to fuck her. This video is only shows the cow's pussy but the pussy needs fingering . Otherwise the video is cool. She is ready for banging by man.I would like to fuck her nice tight vagina.This video will make the viewer so hot and they will wish to lick her. This is well done by video maker to make the video quality good.

    duke_sakil, posted
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