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    Bonobos Having Sex


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    Bonobo chimps having sex. Males with females, females with females, males with males, even juveniles! This is the second part of the video I posted earlier. Enjoy!

    Uploaded by markul78 · Rating: 4.3 (59 votes) · 8462 views


    It looks like they are twerking o.o

    Cumpalooza, posted

    I've seen a programme about the bonobos. Apparently they only have one 'rule' fathers don't have sex with daughters over the age of 7, and the same with mothers and sons. That's around the time they mature, and they don't want inbreeding. Otherwise it's basicly a free-for-all, because they live the 'make love, not war'. Any tension is solved with a fuck, and if one of them feels like it they'll fuck. This basicly prevents them from ever having fights. Only a female in heat can rise some tensions, otherwise these animals just fuck for fun and bonding :)

    shadow, posted

    Wouldn't it be great if we could just fuck anything any time we wanted?

    marelover2000, posted

    LMAO! I had to watch this clip twice... the first time I was laughing too hard to really watch it.. thought it would be easier to watch it the second time around... wow was I wrong! Still laughed my ass off. lol

    shirin.anton, posted

    made me hot!!

    doggydoit, posted

    this made me lol :p

    bootybop12345, posted
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