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    hornyasscock, posted

    love the fisting

    xbgold, posted

    I was hoping for a huge gush =\

    horseslave1, posted

    ill take that job

    CamelHump00, posted

    Mmmmmm would gladly fist that elehant and make him cum ut i might sink a litle deeper in his ass then just my arm giggle and id want him to cum all over me mmmmmm:)

    horselover192, posted

    that's nasty

    oldcock, posted

    I bet on a good day my nice loose cunt could take that huge cock especially right after a good hard fisting.

    farmgirlslut, posted

    Male elephants get off from anal stimulation? Looks like the gay animal world wins again! =D

    WWOLF, posted

    holy shit that sound. not sure if want

    itsuwari, posted

    Hot? x3 id stand right in that

    AtumraeX, posted

    lol? looked like some kind of action movie scene...

    goombar7, posted

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    This video s amazing the size of the cock just made my big cock throb mmm how I would lovee to be able to suck that big monster cock. This video is soooo hot I love it so much so worth the watch, to bad humans cant fuck elephants cause if they could I would be first in line man if my tight asshole could handle the mmmm. But yeah all and all great masturbating material very sexy. the best thing about this video is the length it seems very nice and the overall view of the elephants cock is really good, the way they collect the sperm is abit different didnt expect them to fist his ass haha but it was interesting, hopefully more videos like this will come to this site.

    horsecandy, posted
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