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    Pony Wink


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    A short video of a happy pony mares just got bred to a pony stallion. Now the mare is now relax winking and cum expelling out.

    Uploaded by stallion46 · Rating: 2.8 (14 votes) · 3993 views


    This is a very short clip taken from another movie, of which I have. The "Jenny" wasn't bred either.

    tokdl, posted

    This movie is just 4sec long. Three times loop under 12 sec, congrats. What an idiot, waste of time.

    damnederazor, posted

    it is a very hot movie and we can see that the ponys pussy is very wet and i think it is a good movie and it i think she seems to be enjoying herself but i think many of you would love to give her a little hand in being pleasured.. too bad there wasn't a stallion in this video. the quality isn't overly bad and the camera angles arent bad on my own opinion but i still stand by my idea that this video could have been bettered by putting a stallion in along with her ... 4 stars

    pigdik, posted
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