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    Female Dog Pussy Licking


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    Female dog enjoying some quality pussy licking from a smaller male dog. I wish I'd been there to take part in this interesting activity. Enjoy!

    Uploaded by markul78 · Rating: 4.2 (79 votes) · 35225 views


    That dog is in pure heaven. This was both adorable and sexy to watch.

    UnWorthyWatcher, posted

    This is just lovely! Wish I could lick her too.

    RobinHund, posted

    cute ^^

    horseslave1, posted

    Who says dogs don't smile?

    redrover69, posted

    I love how the female is laying back, spread eagle enjoying the licking. My female would never let my male do that to her, so I let him do it to me! :D

    RottieFan, posted

    look at her face she's looooving

    CuteFemaleDog, posted

    You can see her paws twitching from how good it feels. Wonderful video.

    loves-dogs, posted


    hoosen7, posted

    i enjoy it very much to see how shes get licked.. i would like to be in here position.. i love it to get licked by dog.. thanks

    denise1961, posted

    this video wasn't the bestt for me

    destroyz, posted

    i would have loved to see you fuck her pussy hard. tear that pussy up!

    vought, posted

    yeah shes injoying it

    germansherperd, posted

    you cant see a great deal coz the camera angle and distance is to far away and you cant see if the little dog has a hard on

    david69london, posted
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