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    Horse Pissing Close Flare


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    Enjoy the view of the uretral of a horse pissing on a stall. This is not a onwed video or any like that. The horse is not of mine, the hand is not of mine too. All home made video, with good quality.

    Uploaded by renanrenan1988 · Rating: 3.9 (99 votes) · 13724 views


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    reaper93, posted

    Leute aus Bayern am besten unter 18 ( nicht notwendig ) meldet euch bei mir skype: poati.dream7 yahoo: lildoggy71 e-mail: BeastPuti@web.de

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    ja sau geil.. =)

    master_20, posted

    hi im a 14 year old male from australia, im attracted to horses, both male and female, and dogs, only male dogs. im also into women, if you wanna talk just message me ;) btw i have only ever given oral to a dog not anal but im willing to try, im bisexual too

    floobadoobee, posted

    give me a shower big boy, i'll open my mouth for ya

    osayo, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need someone to hold a camera for them? if so message me.

    infuse90, posted

    [05.09.2011-04:05] Geile Piss-Nahaufnahme ! Schöne Piss-Strahlen -- lecker..lecker..

    PetOlli, posted

    got pee lol great clip

    inuyasha86, posted

    too technical and ruins the desire for the shape

    horseryder, posted

    I would be right under that nice big cock and have all my cloths off and let him give me a goldenshower and then let him mount me!! Great clip!!!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    i wanna drink!!!

    zooLA, posted

    Absolutely new male dog peeing videos by your request! Male mastiff or male husky. As up-close as you want!!! Lowest prices!!! mastiff.media@gmail.com

    drychecker, posted

    quality anyone???

    upyours123, posted

    [23.04.2011-00:38] Geile Szenen - leider ohne Ton ... Aber noch nicht gesehen : Pissen ohne Ausschachten des Pferde-Penis !! Sehr selten und gut gelungenen Aufnahmen !

    PetOlli, posted

    Geiler Strahl. Next Time "Horse Poop close up" :>

    Predator87, posted

    nice pissing

    petba, posted

    Wouldn't mind being hosed down by that.

    keristal1, posted

    das wäre eine dusche

    franzw, posted

    nice... nette dusch szenen^^

    cronus85, posted

    nice cock shot

    andc, posted

    That's some hot stuff

    TheWildStallion, posted

    i've never been one for water-sports, certainly not animal urine, but i'll be DAMNED if i don't want to be coated in horse piss after this one! i loved watching the shaft start to erect and slide out, and loved it even more as that flood of piss blasts out. the closeups are very sexy and in focus, and is very well done. definitely recommend this vid if you're into horses, horse cocks, ws, animal ws, and any combination therein! certainly a definitely very well made vid, would love to see more done with it, and vids like it!

    Rondo, posted

    This is one of the most interesting movies of a pissing stallion I've ever watched. I really get off on pissing horses - in particular on stallions - and I wish there were more of such movies available on the internet and on this site. The closeups of the stallion's dick are fantastic and those of the pissing are great. Please, dear creator of this movie, do all of us a favour and show us more of them! Just one little hint and wish: next time you take shots likw these and make a new movie, try to get more light and don't get too close to that wonderful long dick.

    perige, posted

    I give this video from one being the lowest rating and ten being the highest rating that video deserves a triple ten because it was simpily amazing to watch over and over again. I liked the camera angles of where the horse's cock was and it felt almost like you were going to be pissed on which is a major turn on for me as well. I enjoyed it so much that I just kept playing it over and over again because it was sooo incredible to watch. It's too bad that there are not that many horse pissing videos around so please post more and I would be very happy.

    Mysteryguy, posted

    ive never been attracted to a horse before... but this video made me wanna slide my tongue across his urethra and rub my pussy as i anxiously awaited hum to flood my huge tits with his piss... the big jet stream of piss that shot outta his slightly hard dick looked like it wud never end... i wanted to lick it clean after he finished.... my complaints for this vid is that the camera is shakey at parts and it looks like the ending is just clips of other movies. it cud have had better lighting and wud have loved to see the puddle the piss made

    chrmdcrvy1, posted
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