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    Mare Gaping


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    Here we have a nice video of a female horse's vag being held open after being streched out you can see vary deep inside her. must be nice and warm ;0

    Uploaded by furrylupus · Rating: 4.0 (96 votes) · 38994 views


    my mare aproves that cause she knows my dick is comming after :3

    crka1, posted

    wanna hear it fart !

    schnack78, posted

    "There I found my laptop!"

    riemann, posted

    sir, sir why didnt you just shove your face up the mare's cunt obviously she enjoyed the good stretching or at least give her a 'hand'...or you arm

    robertBruce, posted

    look this horse has a trumpet on her rear wait...... nevermind

    hopekiller30, posted

    shine some light up in there :)

    lovesmen, posted

    I could do her better!

    reddgunn, posted

    kinda short

    pluto05, posted

    jesus christ man

    ihatehores101, posted

    It's like they're digging for treasure.

    Underage4men, posted

    Why did he not put his hand inside?

    sillybutsexas, posted

    sieht toll aus diese muschi

    thomyyy, posted

    Did not like the gaping

    JabozzS, posted

    damn that looks so tasty

    pigbear7, posted

    i want to put my face on lol

    bobococo, posted


    defas, posted

    hot wish i could watch a woman do that 2 the horse

    moonmangun8969, posted

    i just want to cum in her and make her warm

    hunter95, posted

    The mare cunt just make me hard

    Themaredicker, posted

    i would like to take a long slip inside there!!

    bbdog999, posted

    was a big ass pussy yet i was aroused and would fuck her in a heart beat

    fastdraw, posted

    nothing special with close ups; full body to include,preferred.

    merril, posted

    can't seem to watch :( video keeps loading but never plays. Already updated flash and all plus did the alternate preferences but nada.. Any idea how to go about this?

    revage, posted

    A cock would be nice in there 2. would love to watch u shove ur arm up that mare K9GangBang. PM me

    nrgnrg, posted

    agreed, maybe u need a spare arm?

    freeaccountmare, posted

    I want to shove my arm in her and show her a real good time woman to woman!

    K9GangBang, posted

    this video shows how big this horse pussy can get being aroused isnt enough to describe this movie show the deep dephs of this mares sweet pussy juices and all this pussy will get you hard wet make you cum sweet jizz or just make you want to explode with pleasure the pussy looks so sweet in widescreen and tasty in small screen to by watching this video you'll wish you were right there 2 stick your cock or arm deep in it and move around just to hear it whine this is a great all around movie the shear sight of her sweet cunt will make you wanna jizz in her over and over and over.

    fdjkd, posted

    in this amazing movie a guy stretches a mares vagina so far out that you can clearly see several inches into the love hole. the mare herself is a beautiful horse with her sleek black coat of fur. the mare appears to be very comfortable with the man sticking both his hands into her love hole and pulling it apart so very far and wide. the reddish pink inside of the vagina is amazing. you can see, very easily, three inches maybe more into it. another sexy hot part of this amazing video it the mares bulging black ass hole. it looks like it is going to pop at any given second. all in all this is an amazing video that has a dirty guy, and a very vaginally loose black mare. over all i give it four and three quarters stars. i take away the one quarter star because the vid is short

    zeagle1, posted

    A man is holding open a mare's pussy with his hands giving you a good view inside. You can see all the intricacies of her vagina and deep into the canal. It's nice to imagine how that would feel wrapped around your dick. Such a light and sensuous touch; warm and wet. Just looking at her pussy you could see she was ready to take some cock in there. I bet just about everyone watching this wishes they had the opportunity to fuck that shit hard and long. I know that I personally hope to own a mare myself some day for the sole purpose of fucking it every day.

    stupidfatpeople, posted
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