• here we have a guy pulling back on this dogs sheath and exposing his whole penis showing off his beautiful full erect dogs penis i love to get some of that.. wouldnt you?

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    iriebliss, posted

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    cab31, posted

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    dwn_rety1, posted

    the dick on this dog is freggin amazing! can't imagine living with that! i wouldn't get much done.

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    Jerry1209, posted

    Thanks for posting! I love these close ups! Wish I was sucking him off!

    mmmgulp, posted

    I don't jut think that cock is beautiful I want to drink it up.

    stormysx, posted

    i wish ther wre more movies wgen the grl realy goes down, then gags on the load

    stormysx, posted

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    o yes, very very horny cock,like to hold him when i fuck him...(very good vid)

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    Beautiful cock, crappy quality vid.

    rottx, posted

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