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    Bull Penis Mating


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    53660bull penis

    Uploaded by bull51388 · Rating: 4.9 (288 votes) · 18769 views


    always thought the size of a bull and his nuts his cock would be fatter... was long but skinny. Still nice though

    freerasta, posted

    how can i download clips from this site?i mean how can i download clips from barn love site?

    sunny1818, posted


    dominac, posted

    nice video

    winni21, posted

    Lot of semen ! Would like to see in nature

    passat456, posted

    poor foxing video,plz. send me new good one

    nom, posted

    Nice video

    Sazume, posted

    For this movie being a full twenty six sec. it is not a very bad movie. It starts out with the bull mounting the female and trying to mate with her, thrusting 3 times, ending in a big thrust and then pulls out and slowly becomes flacid again. the quality of the movie is pretty good, same with the lighting and the camera stays on the action the whole time. This video doesnt show a climax or anything other than the mount and pull out...no cum or anything so i will have to rate it a 3/5. I wish this video had more to it but i guess this is what you can get with cow matings.

    crazylegs2009, posted
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