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    i want to eat all of that hot poo

    PooPony, posted

    God, I wanna slap that butt like crazy. It's so sexy!

    smoothcanson, posted


    wedo, posted

    lol is dat at medeiveal times bi ne chance?

    iamthebeast2, posted

    if only that horse had put its ass up 2 the rail

    moonmangun8969, posted

    i love that ass too. hot hot hot. shit looks yummy too.

    blylvr, posted

    nice pretty hot lol this is horse shit!

    ilovedogs24, posted

    id so shove my dick up dat

    lpitts, posted

    nice ass ^^

    sandra23perv, posted

    turn the camera dickhead

    xbgold, posted

    That is one damned sexy ass!!!!!!

    Adrinator, posted

    Really hot horseass. Its so nice to lick them, fuck them and shove your hand up there:P

    kolur, posted

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    Sadly, the cameraman filmed this sideways(what an idiot). Other than that, this is a pretty good horse shit video! This white whorse starts lifting it's tail as it's anus opens up, and gets into position. This horse has a GREAT ass! xP It's just begging to be slapped! Like usual, the gelding's anus starts getting expanded by a light brown turd! After 5 somewhat bulky pieces of shit make their way out of the horse's body, the horse puckers it's anus and lowers it's tail. At the end, the recorder THEN holds the camera correctly. -_- This would be a 4/5 but the sideways recording brings it to just a 3/5.

    thehorsehole, posted
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