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    This should have been free n up close

    morganhart, posted

    I love how much fun they are having! But of course, I just love watching animals have fun while they "play" like this. Mhmmhm. Wonderful!

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    thats funny

    jm29687, posted

    Hahaha, gay...

    Underage4men, posted

    lol thats funny

    Krei, posted

    could do without the terrible music

    wolfen1176, posted

    TaKiNg TuRns

    masterbambi, posted


    rt54x129k, posted

    Will NOT play!

    countryboy1953, posted

    I agrew with maceblack. My beaty Grail is to see one male dog tie inside another male dog's ass. The only thing I'd rather have than a vid of a male dog being tied in the ass is the experience of being tied by a male dog myself.

    korneech, posted

    aint that somting taking turns wow

    bigdogontop, posted

    it would be nice to see two male dogs tied.

    maceblack, posted

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    Fantastic movie of gay dogs romping around the yard together. The movie is sped up, something that isn't exactly something that I look for. I would rather watch it in real time to be honest. They both seem to enjoy it dipping beneath each other sniffing each others dog cocks. All of the frolicking is very erotic and an extreme turn on almost like they were getting into some foreplay before they both just rammed each other. It would have been nice to get a closer look at their cocks to see just how well endowed they were. This movie is a great example of some some good homegrown gay dog fucking and i s very satisfying.

    waterfilly, posted
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