• this female has found an interesting way of pleasing her self by rubbing her clit against her master's bed this one is surely unique

    Uploaded by dogpussydigger · Rating: 3.4 (63 votes) · 43609 views


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    zionwolfspau, posted

    I would have enjoyed seeing her mistress or master pleasuring her to bring her to orgasm....she was definitely horny and in need of pleasuring to cum.

    redrover69, posted

    I agree we all need it sometimes...

    slang11, posted

    This is a prime example of why even non-zoos need to at least take care of their canine companions' needs, its simple grab a latex glove like the vets use and simply stimulate her/him; its not hard to do and I wouldn't classify it as bad as expressing anal glands or is that something people are too grossed out to do either? Either way she needs a stud ^.^ poor girl.

    Roystoy, posted

    jajaja , esta perra arrecha necesita pinga

    JOSMA_19, posted

    Good climax, she knows whats best

    jjjames1, posted

    Last two posters.....Ha Ha! I guess 'ya don't know much about dogs, do 'ya....Hee Hee! This girl is SO obviously horned up and humping the blankets TRYING to cum (not sure if she did). "Oh my gosh stupid rednecks?!?".....learn a few things about dogs BEFORE trying to sound all erudite about the subject, Lonewolf2006. BTW--a movie like this shows exactly why it is OK to take a relationship with a bitch to a sexual level. So many people (I guess the last two posters included) cannot wrap their small minds around the fact that bitches are extremely sexually motivated and can ENJOY sex with their human lover.....without which they live frustrated lives like this little Labrador here.

    TZwolf, posted

    OMG @lonewolf are you serious?? They are that stupid , let alone nasty cause the dog is in thier bed with worms. poor dog n dum owners

    mizzk9, posted

    this dog got worms ... not a orgams oh my gosh... stupid rednecks

    Lonewolf2006, posted

    That nice doggy could jump in my bed in the morning if she wants to feel a real orgasm.

    marelover2000, posted

    muy buen aporte

    dragon-masther, posted

    Im 16 Male looking for fun in Canton, OH area... will fuck u or any animal... u can fuck me as well... Msg me for more info or just to chat

    bigcaboom1, posted

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    very nice breed of dog, intense orgasm by the dog, good lighting, good camera quality,made me hard as hell, easy to bust a load to this golden dog having a good sexual time, wish i was there to help, and fill her up with warm sticky cum, maybe even eat it outta her after, makes me hard watching this video, length isnt too bad but it gives me enough time to enjoy myself well, hope to see more videos like this, makes this site a hole lot better,love the camera angles, not to mention the hot sounds the bitch makes, i really hope to see more of these videos, easy to enjoy yourself with, having a sexual climax as she makes sexy sounds, mmmm makes me hard as hell just thinking about it.

    neodemizz, posted
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