• Two Silverbacks (male gorillas) at the zoo give a short anal sex show to their audience. They look quite satisfied with one another. Wish I worked there...

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    SilentFreak, posted

    top is like you know you love this bitch

    ebonypearl, posted

    looks like the sub gorilla loved getting a cock up his ass. I can relate to it too

    sidatit, posted

    amazing!!! i love gorilla!!

    davidboy94, posted

    so they do fuck like us

    mommalove15, posted

    It could also be a dominance thing as well.

    xbgold, posted

    lol nice :3

    ningA123, posted

    LoL.. the little one had to run in the begining to get his final 'kick' in there. This is yet an example to why some people are so naive when they say homosexuality is against the order of nature. It happens in LOTS of species.

    shadow, posted

    LoL the little one have to run to get his final 'kick' in there. Just another example of why some people are so naive when they argue that homosexuality is against the order of nature. It happens with a LOT of species.

    shadow, posted

    hahaha thats a great vid!!

    georgelive2009, posted

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    this is a very unquie video indeed. I have never seen two male gorillas going at it. This would have been better if the people didn't get in the way for some of it and if the camara had just a little bit better quality. It also would have been better if the camara could of zoomed a tiny bit more so we could actually see some of the goriilas (if you know what i mean). I think people should find some more videos like this and put on this web site Other that that i thought it was a pretty good video and i would recomend it to others.

    lucariorocks, posted
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