• Bonobos mate wherever and whenever they get together. The main reason is socialiing and pacifying each other. Funny how the little bonobo gets on the back of the mating big one!

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    Bonobos don't discriminate between male or female. It also don't matter the age of the partner. There is no stress among them. I remember reading somewhere, that we are to learn from nature. Yeah right. Have sex with a child and end up in prison or worse, dead. I DO NOT condone sex with children!

    ravenlorans, posted

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    Th Bonobo shows the way sex should be among all humans. Love the way they just take it whenever they want and there is no discrimination between them. The way the big one dominates the female is a big turn on. They do no stop to even put down their meal and they are right at it ontop of each other even while other animals look on. They have no problem bending over and taking it at any place and time. This is a turn on to any viewer who likes rough types of sex. If anyone watches this and isnt turned on then something must be wrong with them.

    zamelfake1, posted
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