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    Horse Shit


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    Big, beautiful gelding takes a nice big dump in a pasture. The asshole is particularly huge and sexy, and when he is finished we get a nice look at the pink insides of his colon before his asshole slams shut.

    Uploaded by Pookster · Rating: 4.4 (73 votes) · 13150 views


    I want my cock in this º,..,º

    lover267, posted

    Aaawww yeeeaaah

    mload45, posted

    Yea evil quit being a hater and if u dont like these kinda things why are u on this website?

    Phantom409, posted

    murrrrr this is hot....and EvilWolf, if you don't like it, then don't watch it dumbass! Stop hatin' and leave the video alone!

    GayWolfFurry, posted

    God i would fuck that arse just before she let's go lol! :)

    bingdog5, posted

    I eat many loads like that. I hang out at a horse ranch.

    blylvr, posted

    MMM, I would love to find a horse I could get a feast like that from.

    flavius13, posted

    you fucking faggots are sick

    EvilWolf, posted

    Wow thats a big shit hole!!!!!

    RextheHW, posted

    let’s make an elevated table so i'm even with a horse’s ass, strapped on, tilt the table back, get my wide open ass right up next to the horse’s so when it shits it's a direct deposit into my open hole.

    ryanr89nc, posted

    FUCKKKKKKKKKK ... want my face fuckin in front of that filth shit hole so the the fuckin waste has to bounce off my face

    Pumpedfilth, posted

    No fuckin gag reflex here, wish the fuck my mouth hole was under that filthy load !!!!!!!!

    Pumpedfilth, posted

    yall are sick i think that just gross

    miracle101, posted

    me and my wife eat from our horses ass all the time.

    blylvr, posted

    m my horse shits on me alot

    lpitts, posted

    i let it shit all over me like i do with my horses

    lpitts, posted

    So much shit out of a tight asshole!

    twm60, posted

    i could have layed there and let it poop on me!!

    72smart1, posted

    Old video, but still one of the best for sure! :}

    Laphin, posted
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