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    any one jerk off a dog with a comdom on and send me the cummmmm contact mixologyfm@yahoo.co.uk please .....

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    Looking to jerk and suck-off well-hung dogs and horses, for my first time! I would also seriously consider getting fucked/"losing my virginity" to a good pet. If you live near the Mid-Canada area and can help me in any way, please contact me asap!

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    this vid realy makes me cum <3

    TH3RON, posted

    is very hot

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    i'm in ohio and want to try sucking one

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    very hot!

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    need that dick to cum in my pussy!!! Perfect size:)

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    God I wanna take that whole cock in my mouth and drink it all!

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    That looks so fuckin tasty....mmmgulp!!!

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    would love to take his cum in my mouth

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    wow thats awesome

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    this is just awsome love it

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