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    Bull Masturbation


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    Uploaded by bull51388 · Rating: 4.8 (363 votes) · 20352 views


    You call THIS masturbation? I didn't see ANY masturbation! I didn't even see the bull cum. I have seen bulls cumming (in the real). And believe me: in this clip There is NO masturbation and NO bull cumming. I lived in the country for about a year (for my studies). And while riding home on my bike, I saw a bull once in the pasture. I've stood for hours in the pasture to watch that bull fuck cows. There were many cows there and he wanted to fuck them all. But most of them didn't want him. But 1 in particular did. And he jumped on her like every 5 minutes. His dick would come out of it's sheath; he'd push it in her cunt, give her 1 push and then dismounted her while squirting a whole of a lot of cum next to her and on the ground. I could see his body contracting with every squirt and his sperm came out spraying. I could clearly see it spray. And 5 minutes later he did the same again. I wished I had this bull's stamina. What came out of the bull's penis in this clip was just a little secretion. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    And who helped him???

    klever70, posted

    so when an animal's penis protrudes from its shealth, it will automatically start to ejaculate semen ?

    horseryder, posted

    Could not see actually what was happening due to the camera work being very poor.

    tirshathia, posted

    Poor camera work.

    bishopbear, posted

    yes it s a nice movie

    tauruss0008, posted

    Well, who knew??

    ranger92, posted

    Thank you for the post! I'm also happy that this nice site is again working even if it's slow.

    Alligatorer, posted

    It's a good video. Quite good camera quality. It starts with the bull eating and the man coming along and stroking the bulls sheath until it drops its hard cock. The man then starts to jerk the bulls beautiful long cock off. The bull then arches its back, clearly enjoying being pleasured, as the man continues to jerk the gorgeous bull off until the bull cums. Good video but it could be improved a little by maybe the man sucking off the bull and drinking its cum or a bit longer video. A 7 out of 10 in my books :).

    Bebete, posted
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