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    Very Huge Elephant Cock


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    Elephant mating: unbelievable The penis of this elephant is very Huuuuuggggeeeee :o I think that the quality and the angle of this vidéo are cool ( with the sun please :p ) it is one of the biggest penis of elephant that I have seen I would like to be more near !!!

    Uploaded by bide777 · Rating: 4.3 (52 votes) · 37380 views


    I want be that elephant female and feel that big cock in me :)

    killerbook, posted

    i want that in my Pussy

    DuskBringer888, posted

    mit dem Teil dürfte er mich auch mal bearbeiten

    qwertz01000, posted

    Quite a site!

    taris, posted

    Fantastic..love the way the female lunges for that mammoth dick with her trunk at the end of clip

    dad4doguk, posted

    What's gray and cums in quarts ?

    HorsePleasure, posted

    Behold! The second trunk of elephants!

    phantok123, posted

    wow awesome......that elephant cock is well hung..my pussy is wet!!

    beverly102, posted
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