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    Horse Flare


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    nice horse flare long video with a lot of camera on the horses equipment. horse belly slaps through most of the video making some awesome flares

    Uploaded by Heaton · Rating: 4.5 (68 votes) · 26956 views


    sehr schöner penis :D

    aang1980, posted

    Love those horse cocks!

    KitKat33, posted

    God I fucking love how much energy this stallion has!!! Perfect movements, fuck I need a stallion of my own - anyone who does msg me please - fem here desperate for horse cock and pussy <3

    marylasher122, posted

    My goodness!!! beautiful cock and flare..sexy drop love it..

    bareballs22, posted

    If only i could rent that horse..

    mooner120, posted

    what a waste of a awsome hard on would love to get hold of somethine like that lol

    kellynone, posted

    that made me horny

    fritze1, posted

    Would love to jack on that & squirt all over me

    katherder, posted

    Nice to see the pre-cum !- yum !

    PetOlli, posted

    I Love this Cock - need it fucked up my eager ass, feel it flair and shoot it's hot spunk up me - mmmmmm. Please help - I am desperate for horse cock - I will do anything you want. horbot@ntlworld.com

    horbot, posted

    dick was long and hard need to be there so i could put his dick in my mouth in and out slow and play with it with my tong for a while and from there it could go in my hole nice and slow so he could come all over me and him. his dick is the right size that you can do anything that you want to do.i love to see a horse have a flare it makes me so hot all over you can sit and come from just looking at that large cock.if only i had it right beside me what i would do over and over we would go all night non stop no matter who gets tired i would just keep sucking his cum and he would love it i would take all that dick over and over again.

    johncarter4, posted
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